Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 days until opening...

Good morning!

Everyone at the festival is very excited for next Saturday, July 4th. (Opening day if you're not aware!) The wonderful horses and jousters have arrived. They have been busy getting ready for opening day. The actors have as well. As we look out the window of the office there is a good chance we may see them running, doing the crabwalk or participating in improv exercises, such as enjoying conversation with a tree. Everyone is training physically, as well as mentally.
The orientation for general employees was very exciting as we all took a trip back in time. The workshop occurred last weekend.

The preparation for the festival is in full force now. We have also been preparing on the Sterling Celtic Festival which occurs on August 22-23rd and Screamers' Hollow, which starts in October. More information will be posted at a later date. Please visit our websites for them as well!


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BUY NOW- Buy tickets now to receive immediate entrance into the festival. Pass the long lines of people who decided to wait!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

19 days until opening day...

Good Morning!
I feel like we are counting down for Christmas! To many of our patrons it may feel the same way.

Orientation will be held this weekend. Our employees will be attending an authentic old English speaking workshop during this time. Once set foot into the gates of the Renaissance Festival our employees, along with the setting, will bring you back to 1585.

Last weekend was costume fittings and Judy, our costume director, did a wonderful job. Everyone will be looking very dapper in their Renaissance "garb".

*Reminder- If you are a AAA member you can receive a dollar off your ticket price.*

*Also, if you buy tickets online or by phone you will have immediate entrance into the festival!*

See you all soon!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

25 days...

25 days until the Festival opens its gates for the 2009 season!

We have been busy mailing out corporate brochure packages and getting the grounds in working order for a busy season. New employees and returning employees will be arriving in the next couple weeks for orientation and language workshops.

All of the Bless the Mark players (our acting group) have arrived and have been working hard preparing their outstanding acts.

We encourage our potential patrons to purchase tickets now. You will save yourself a lot of time and will receive immediate entrance with a pre-purchased ticket. NO LINES!!!! for tickets

A little more about the Sterling Celtic Rock Festival...

This is a new addition this year and is separate from the Ren Fest. It will take place on the grounds. Some of the excitement includes 4 stages of live music, new & different food, and an array of different artisans. Let's not forget a selection of hearty beverages!

Tickets are limited because its only two days! August 22nd-23rd
For more information and tickets for the Celtic Fest. visit....

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Monday, June 1, 2009

This is the official blog for the Sterling Renaissance Festival. We look forward to networking with new and returning patrons, as well as many others! The interviewing process for food and drink booth operators has been going on for three weeks and ended last Friday. Processing and placing applicants is occurring this week.
The Bless the Mark Players, which is our acting group, have started to arrive today. We are very excited to have them! They will be preparing their performances for our 2009 season.
This year we will be open seven weekends, including new themes and performances!

The weekend right after the Renaissance Festival ends we will be holding our first Sterling Celtic Rock Festival. The rock festival will include 4 stages of music which an array of bands playing each day, different food for the weekend, and new artisans. The dates for this will be August 22-23rd.

More information:

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