Thursday, August 6, 2009

The season is flying by...

Good morning!

As per my title, it is obvious that is seems to be slipping away! Sad, but all the more reason for everyone to visit us before the 2009 season comes to a close!

This weekend is GYPSY REVEL! We will feature gypsy dancing and music, as well as a costume competition. Our regular Renaissance Festival activities will be going on as well.

We will close the weekend following with Wine Lovers' Bacchanal! Traditionally, we will be doing wine tasting! Get your feet ready for our annual Grape Stomping Competition, winner will be crowned the Lord/Lady of Wine.

A friendly reminder- We do not accept credit/debit cards inside the shire. Some artisans may but the majority do not. The majority includes food and drink booths as well.
We have an ATM in the Remembrance Shoppe, so make sure to retrieve money before entering. It will save you time, so you won't miss any of our wonderful shows!

Also, We do not accept 100 dollar bills at any food or drink booths but will give change at the ticket windows!