Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arrrrgghhh, Pirates Invade!

Good morning to you all!

Weather has been getting better and better! We feel as though summer is peaking through more and more each weekend. This past weekend, A Midsummer Fantasy, was a beautiful weekend. If you strolled in the Shire you were bound to see many fairies frolicking around as well as many other creatures. The music was playing and drinks were flowing as usual.

Our actors and artisans held Christmas in July this week which I was able to attend. On "Christmas Eve" they read through a modern play of the story of Mary and Joseph, had a feast, and sang Christmas carols. It was started more than 30 years ago and brought to this festival 14 years ago to bring together the 'family' we have here. Everyone may be in different places in December but in July they are able to celebrate that time to cherish each others company, which may not be feasible in other months.

This weekend is Pirates Invasion. Come prepared in your pirate garb for our competition!
Lines are always very long for this weekend. Save time and Buy tickets online!

You will receive immediate entrance in the festival!


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